Remote Start Your Car with a Remote Car Starter



remote car starter

On average, a vehicle is the second largest purchase an individual will make in their lifetime.  For this reason, we strongly encourage you to take your vehicle to a remote car starter specialist.  With today’s vehicles incorporating more complex electronic systems than ever before, it is important to hire certified technicians who have the proper tools and training to work on these delicate systems.  It is also important to seek out an installation facility that uses quality equipment that is designed to work with your particular vehicle without damaging it.

At Benchmark Audio, we have been installing remote car starters since 1987, and we pride ourselves in being remote car starter specialists.  We continually invest in the proper tools, training, and services to ensure that your installation is performed with great integrity and reliability.  In addition, we have strict guidelines in place as to how the installation is performed, and only utilize methods that have been proven to be the most reliable and least invasive as possible.  For instance, this year we will be utilizing a new method that allows us to install a remote car starter on a number of select vehicles without having to cut, splice, or solder a single wire – maintaining the vehicle’s integrity as if it had rolled off of the assembly line with the remote car starter installed.

We carry CompuSTAR branded remote car starters and vehicle security systems exclusively, because we feel that they are best aligned with our strict standards of performance, reliability, and ease of use for our customers.  While they may not be the cheapest remote car starters available, we assure you that they are among the best in terms of quality and usability.  You’ve invested your hard earned money into your new vehicle.  Why risk installing an inferior product that could give you nothing but trouble?


Interface Modules

Some vehicles today require the use of specialized modules and interface adapters for a remote car starter to correctly communicate with the vehicle.  Most of our modules allow you to retain both of your ignition keys; however, on occassion, there are some vehicles that require the loss of a working ignition key.  In addition, some vehicles may require the use of two interface/override modules to properly integrate with the vehicles electronics.

  • $85.00 Interface/Override Modules. (Some vehicles may require loss of a working ignition key and 2 modules)


Trunk/Hatch Release:

  • $25.00 at time of install (on vehicles with electronic release).
  • $64.95 after initial installation.

Alarm Add-On:

  • $160.00 at time of installation.
  • $250.00 after initial installation.


  • $59.95 Prevents accidental re-engagement
    of the vehicle starter while the vehicle is running.

*Rear Defrost Activation:

  • $59.95(*not available on all vehicles).

Heated Seats Activation:

  • $24.95 (*not available on all vehicles).

Vehicles Without Power Locks:

  • $175.00 each door to add power lock functionality.


  • $290.00  Manual Transmission
  • $75.00  Hybrid/Electric vehicles
  • $50.00  Smart Key/Push Start Ignition Systems
  • $64.95  Power/Auto Sliding Doors (Vans)
  • $65.00  Hourly Labor Rate (Some luxury vehicles may require additional labor)
    • Some luxury vehicles may require additional labor