Our marine products help you bring high-performance audio to your boat or jet-ski for those days out on the water. Built to endure the elements, our selection of marine audio speakers and subwoofers ensure pristine audio quality whether you’re anchored at your favorite fishing spot or just cruising the open waters.

Our marine products include source units, subwoofers, amplifiers, enclosures, tower systems, L.E.D. lighting, and more.  Contact us today and one of our marine specialists will work with you to design the system that fits your needs and budget.



Can I use a car stereo and/or car speakers in my boat?

Although boats use stereos and speakers that look like those used in a car stereo system, we highly advise against installing any car stereo products in a marine application.  Though the inside of your boat may not get wet, the moisture and humidity will certainly reduce the life span of any products that aren’t designed for marine use.  Marine products use a special coating on the electronics to preserve the integrity of the units.

My boat only has two speakers, can I add more?

We have the expertise and ability to install additional speakers in most boats.  Our knowledgeable marine specialists will evaluate and recommend the best places within your boat to install additional speakers to provide the best sound coverage, while maintaining the integrity of your boat.

My jet-ski doesn’t have any places for speakers… can they be added?

Our years of custom car audio fabrication afford us the ability to create just about anything.  We can custom fabricate speaker pods, so you can be rocking the lake while blasting through the wake!