Increase Your Sound Quality

web site rtaDid you know that you can increase your level of sound quality without having to replace your factory radio?

There are several stages that can be utilized to increase sound quality.  Each stage will make a dramatic difference on its own, but combining stages will result in a higher level of fidelity.


Replacing your factory speakers is a great place to start for any vehicle, even “Premium” sound systems!  Changing the speakers will provide better clarity, tonality, and linearity to a sound system.  In addition, custom mounts can be crafted for those individuals who are looking for the sonic performances that would rival some of the best home audio systems.  Custom mounting allows us to place the speakers where they sound the best, not where the factory decided was the most convenient place to put them.


Add a multi-channel amplifier and sub-woofer.  The multi-channel amplifier will provide more power to the mid-range and high frequency speakers, and power a single sub-woofer that will accentuate the lower frequencies.  Adding more power is not to make the system louder.  Increased power allows the speakers to play more efficiently and clearly.


Once the first two stages are completed, then you can add an audio processor to the system to realize the full potential of your entire system.  An audio processor will be able to squeak out every small detail in the music, and deliver an audio experience that will make it hard to believe you’re listening to it in a car.