Commercial Audio/Video Systems

Antler's Inn Dining RoomDo you run a doctor’s office, automotive service center, resturant or any other business where customers are waiting?  Would you like to have music playing in the background while customers shop or have TV playing while they wait?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then one of our certified Commercial A/V consultants can meet with you to discuss available options and provide feedback for what would work for your particular situation.

Antler's Inn over head TV croppedAntler's Inn over head TV 2For years, we have been the authority for commercial audio/video sytems.  We have performed numerous installations for private medical offices, hospitals, automobile dealerships, restuarants, bars,funeral homes, retail stores, barbershops, court houses/court rooms, corporate headquarters, wharehouses, churches, banquet halls, and hotels to name a few.


Our experiences have enabled us to specialize in PA systems, conference room set-up and web-conferencing, background music, wall mounted TVs, presentation systems, wired and wireless microphone systems, and digital signage.