2015 Coachmen Catalina RV

We recently outfitted this 2015 Coachmen Catalina with LED lighting and a powerful, yet extremely detailed, Kicker sound system from their Marine line.  We installed two 8″ mid/high speakers, and two 10″ subwoofer on the side of the exterior to give this owner an impressive outdoor musical experience.  Inside, we installed two 6.5″ mid/high speakers in the ceiling.  All of the speakers are Kicker’s newest marine speakers, which feature multi-color LED lighting.

Kicker Catalina RVKicker Coachmen RV

Now is a great time to think about adding some speakers to the outside patio/porch areas.  While the grill is sizzling and your friends are laughing, all of your favorite music can playing harmoniously in the background on your new all-weather speakers.  Stop in, and one of our dedicated customer service representatives will be happy to go over all your options and answer any questions.

Outdoor speakers

Audio In Every Room

whole home audioHow would you like to enjoy your favorite tunes in every room of your house?  We have many packages available for any budget.  What if you have multiple people who want to hear something different in each area?  For instance, Mom wants to listen to some light rock while cooking in the kitchen, Billy wants to listen to heavy metal in his bedroom, Sophie wants to listen to classical while practicing ballet in the living room, and Dad wants to listen to classic rock in the garage.  This is all possible with one of our multi-zone/multi-source systems.  Each user can select what they want to listen to, when they want to listen to it, and at whatever volume level they want to listen to it at.  Furthermore, for entertaining or family gatherings all rooms can be set to the same source and volume level, so you have the same music playing as background music through the entire house.  Not sure how you’d like to set up your system, then give us a call, and one of our experienced consultants will be more than happy to discuss all of the available options with you.