Team Benchmark Audio achieves a 1st and two 3rd place finishes at Carlisle Performance and Style!

Carlisle 2014During Mother’s Day weekend, Carl Fowler and Steve Benjamin travelled to Carlisle, Pa to compete in the International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) audio competition during the 2014 Carlisle Performance and Style event.

Fowler continued his sound quality evolution, competing in the very competitive Pro class.  After working until 2am every night leading up to the show, Fowler was able to obtain a score of 210, tying for 2nd place; however, a tie-breaker would result in a 3rd place finish.

Making his competition debut, Benjamin broke out with commanding performances in the IDBL and Bass Boxing formats.  Benjamin scored a 131.5 in the Flyweight class of the Bass Boxing division, earning him a 3rd place finish.  Benjamin didn’t stop there.  In the Trunk1 class of the IDBL division, Benjamin scored a 137.9, leading the next contestant by more than 7dB and earning him a 1st place finish!

We are very proud of our team member’s accomplishments, and wish them continued success as the season progresses.  Congratulations, guys!!!

Team Benchmark Audio Places 1st & 3rd in Syracuse!

IASCA_SQ_Logo_by_StealthElementThis past weekend, Team Benchmark Audio kicked off the 2014 IASCA sound quality competition season, with a strong showing during the Still Frozen? event held at Syracuse Customs in Brewerton, NY.  The team did very well with Tom Thornton taking 1st Place in the Ultimate class, and Carl Fowler making his sound quality debut with a very strong 3rd Place finish in the very competitive Pro class.  Even more remarkable is Fowler’s vehicle was transformed from a bass machine to a refined sound quality vehicle in under a week.  Furthermore, Fowler’s performance was only 4 points away from 2nd place, and 10 points away from 1st.  Even more impressive, is the fact that Fowler’s system uses a simple 6-band equalizer, no time-alignment, and the basic crossovers in the amps for system tuning, while his competition used full blown processors and/or pro-audio gear designed for studio use!

Team Benchmark Audio has started off to a very strong start as the season begins, and both Thornton and Fowler are already working on making the adjustments needed to maintain/increase their momentum, as the season progresses.  If you’re interested in learning more about sound quality contests, IASCA, MECA, or what a finely refined sound quality system sounds like, then stop by our store on 3139 Lake Rd. in Horseheads and speak to Tim West, Tom Thornton, or Carl Fowler.

Lastly, Thornton and Fowler would like to thank Syracuse Customs for hosting a great event.  Additional thanks to Brian Boudreau and Justin Campbell for judging the event.

Hummer Install






Just a quick little sytem we recently did in a customer’s Hummer H2.  This customer had all of his own equipment, but wanted us to perform the installation, because he wanted it done right!  We may be a little bias, but we feel our techinicians did a great job on this installation.  More pictures can be seen on our facebook page.  Please check them out, and let us know what you think.


Audio In Every Room

whole home audioHow would you like to enjoy your favorite tunes in every room of your house?  We have many packages available for any budget.  What if you have multiple people who want to hear something different in each area?  For instance, Mom wants to listen to some light rock while cooking in the kitchen, Billy wants to listen to heavy metal in his bedroom, Sophie wants to listen to classical while practicing ballet in the living room, and Dad wants to listen to classic rock in the garage.  This is all possible with one of our multi-zone/multi-source systems.  Each user can select what they want to listen to, when they want to listen to it, and at whatever volume level they want to listen to it at.  Furthermore, for entertaining or family gatherings all rooms can be set to the same source and volume level, so you have the same music playing as background music through the entire house.  Not sure how you’d like to set up your system, then give us a call, and one of our experienced consultants will be more than happy to discuss all of the available options with you.